Mumbles is one of many of edbassmaster's goofy alter egos he uses to prank people, particularly in Drive-Thru or shopping centers.


Mumbles is a Texan with a heavy accent and is almost impossible to understand, partly due to the fact that most of the words he says don't even exist, and are just there to make it impossible to understand him.

List of episodes (may not be up-to-date)Edit

NOTE: Not all episodes with Mumbles are on edbassmaster's Channel

Mumbles at the Bassmaster classic

Mumbles meets Duane...Episode 1

Mumbles meets Duane...Episode 2

Pooting by Ed Bassmaster by Jack Vale

Mumbles and the Pooter...Bartle Doo!

Mumbles in Hollywood the Hood

Mumbles Car Shopping


Mumbles and Kendra

Shopping with Mumbles

Turbo Tax with Mumbles

Mumbles in Kmart & Wal Mart

Mumbles Gets a Job...Part 1

Mumbles in California

Mumbles Car Shopping (there are two of these)

Mumbles Prank Call

Mumbles Drive-Thru with SubTitles

Mumbles in Lowes

Mumbles in Lowes...again

Duane Understands Mumbles

Mumbles (AKA Ed Bassmaster) and Kendra

Mumbles the Waiter

Happy thanksgiving from Mumbles!

Mumbles and No.1 China

Mumbles Drive-Thru Prank...Mistletoe

Mumbles was Tagged!!

Poo Pee Prank

And many more comming soon!

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